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I have two major lines of work that employ a diversity of methods: 

  1. Characterize the interplay among anxiety and stress-related psychopathology, social contexts, and emerging substance use problems, with a primary focus on social anxiety, alcohol, and cannabis.

  2. Improve the conceptualization and measurement of substance use and related problems, with a primary focus on cannabis

I use diverse research designs as well as multimodal, multimethod assessments including:

  • Laboratory-based tasks such as mental imagery, the Trier Social Stress Test, and Cyberball

  • Interviews such as the Timeline Followback and Semistructured Clinical Interviews for DSM-5

  • Intensive longitudinal designs (e.g., daily diary and ecological momentary assessment)

While I have work spanning several stages of development, most of my research is centered on adolescents (12-17) and emerging adults (18-25).

The pages below organize my publications and projects by focus area, for a complete list of publications check out my CV.

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